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I recently started making some big changes in my life from the people I hang out with to the decor in my new home. I love the changes so much that I thought I would share a few of the new items I have at home that make my house feel like a home again. I started out by buying something for my wall because I decided I would like to start using candles more than light bulbs because of the many advantages that come with candles. For example, I love the fact that if I am using candle light, I am saving electricity, my headaches are severely minimized by the candle light, less electric means less costs, and finally the romantic feeling that comes with the relaxed atmosphere are what made my mind up. Therefore, here is the first item I bought and love.

SKU 10015472 | Fluttering Butterfly Wall Candleholder

Fluttering Butterfly Wall Candleholder
Three beautiful butterflies are awaiting candlelight to help them shine brightly! This charming wall sconce features a tall, clear glass candle cup and platform ready for the candle of your choice. When lit, the metal cutout butterflies that are fluttering through budding leaves will bring warmth and charm to your room.
Metal and glass. Candle not included.

After I purchased the candleholder, I realized that I also want to spend more time outside instead of inside the house so I bought a patio table and chair set that I absolutely love!

SKU 10015460 | Garden Patio Table and Chair Set

Garden Patio Table and Chair Set
Dine in style with this lovely patio set! Enjoy breakfast lounging in the morning sun or afternoon tea in the garden with this comfortable and attractive black metal trio. The set includes a round lattice-top table and two matching chairs.

When I was unpacking my things at my new house, I thought that it would be nice to have some shelves for my photos and knickknacks so I bought a corner shelf and tried it out and I was amazed at how beautiful it was. Therefore, I want to share the item info with you too.

SKU 10015469 | Metal Corner Shelf

Metal Corner Shelf
A sweet treat for any room, this corner baker shelf will display your plants, collectibles and more while enhancing your room with its pretty design. The Trellis-inspired shelves climb up the curling metal frame that is decorated with lovely leaves. It will bring any dull corner to life!

Finally, I felt that since the holidays were coming up soon I should prepare for welcoming family and friends to my home and I thought this item was just too cute to keep to myself.

SKU 10015450 | Lighted Snowman Holiday Welcome Decor

Lighted Snowman Holiday Welcome Decor
Welcome guests and holiday cheer into your home with this festive tabletop accessory. Three happy snowmen climb on the word “Welcome” set on a base decorated with warm holiday wishes. An LED-lighted flame on top of the “L” glows when switched on.

I hope these items help bring joy to new homes everywhere

Mary M

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