Jan 012011

We had a terrific year at HNG Wholesale especially when you consider we have finally decided on an appropriate domain name for our online store.

When we first began we didn’t know anything about what website to get so it began as starrsdiscountstore.com but within a short time we were advised we needed to change it to a shorter name so we took out the “store” and made it www.starrdiscount.com.

This site was doing well but many customers were being lost we felt due to the lack of connection between the name of the store and the domain name so we tested hngsupply.com and hngwholesale.com and quickly found that overwhelmingly hngwholesale.com generated a much better sales result.

We took down the hngsupply.com but it was paid for and someone suggested making it a blog. Now I thought what can we do as a blog so I did what every smart business woman does. I “googled” it. I spent many hours reading about blogging and it wasn’t entirely new to me so I thought ok I can do this. Well it isn’t as easy to do as one might think however I have been working on a plan for it going into 2011.

Surprisingly the change to a “product blog” has been great. It drives traffic to hngwholesale.com from the blog posts about products and for those who were previous customers now know where to find us.

2010 wasn’t without its bumps and bruises though as we had to let some of our more time consuming but fun events go in order to survive the changes both business and personal that we endeavored.

We want to thank each and every customer past and present for our successes. In doing so some of our most recent customers have received a store credit determined based on their activity in the past year.

New or previous customers who make a purchase on January 1, 2011 will receive $10 store credit to use on their next purchase. Must be registered to receive the store credit.

We hope you are having a Happy New Year and look forward to another wonderful year.

Farewell 2010 from HNG Wholesale